Historic old stone bridge Nong-dari in South Korea Stone Bridge of Medieval

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Historic old stone bridge Nong-dari in South Korea 

자료생성 :- 2013.02.09
자료옮김 :- 임충섭 (쿠웨이트 정부치과병원, 독도KOREA홍보위원, 독도천연보호구역지킴이, 1문화재1지킴이)

Historic old stone bridge Nong-dari in korea

Introduction to Nongdari

Established in the early Goryeo Dynasty(the ancient Korean state, 918 -1392), Nongdari has been the one and only stepping stone bridge with one thousand years of history and is one of the most valuable cultural heritages of Saenggeo Jincheon, which is also nationally protected as Tangible Cultural Asset No.28. 94m in total length, 3.6m in width, and 1.2m in the thickness of piers, it boasts an amazing durability and robustness that has sustained the bridge throughout numerous floods and hardships for the past one millennium, despite its simple architecture of piling one layer of purple natural stone on another with a 0.8m gap between piers. Saenggeo Jincheon Nongdari Festival has been held annually since 2000 with the primary purpose of publicizing the excellence of Nongdari as one of the most valued cultural heritages in Jincheon and encouraging visitors as well as locals to experience and appreciate the wisdom of our ancestors and enjoy the sweet.


                        Creek photo, you can see the big picture.


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