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Christians in Kuwait ... 


자료출처:- 쿠웨이트 주교좌 성당
:- 2011-03-14 
자료옮김:- 임충섭 요한바오로 (쿠웨이트 정부병원,  독도KOREA홍보위원,  독도천연보호구역 지킴이, 1문화재1지킴이)

Christians in Kuwait ...

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  • Most of the Christian faithful come from the expatriate population in the State of Kuwait. The number of Christians presently in Kuwait after 55 years since its modest beginnings is roughly 200,000. There is a nominal indigenous (Kuwaiti) Christian population of approximately 200 citizens, most of whom belong to 12 large families.

    - The Catholic Vicariate is largely made up of Asians from India, the Philipines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Arab Christians from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Syria which make up roughly 75,000 members (Maronite Christians also worship at the Catholic cathedral in Kuwait city).

    - The Anglican (Episcopalian) Church, has around 115 members (several thousand other Christians use the Anglican Church for worship services).

    - The National Evangelical Church (Protestant), with 3 main congregations (Arabic, English, and Malayalee) has around 15,000 members (several other Christian denominations also worship at the National Evangelical Church Compound).

    - The Greek Orthodox Church (referred to locally as the "Roman Orthodox" Church), has 3,500 members; the Armenian Orthodox Church, has 4,000 members; the Coptic Orthodox Church, has 60,000 members; the Greek Catholic (Eastern Rite) Church membership totals are unavailable.

    - There are other Christian denominations in the country, with tens of thousands of members. These denominations include Seventh-Day Adventists, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons), Marthoma, and the Indian Orthodox Syrian Church.

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