History of Dokdo Dokdo in Korea

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History of Dokdo

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History of Dokdo

Dokdo's names must be considered in relation to Ulleungdo that has been mentioned in various historical records since early years of Korea.

Ulleungdo's Usanguk, a small empire of the native people, was conquered by Silla in the early 6th Century (512 B.C.). In Samguksagi's

Sillabongi, we find the record that "Usanguk was conquered by Silla in June" in the 13th year of the reign of King Jijeung.

As Ulleungdo became the official name of Ulleungdo, Dokdo, a small attachment to Ulleungdo, was named Usando.Sejong Sillok Jirij's Uljin-hyeon of Gangwon-do section, which was written in 1432 (14th year of the reign of Joseon King Sejong), clearly states that there were two islands - Mureung and Usan - in the East Sea. It writes, "Usan and Mureung are situated to the east of Uljin-hyeon.", published in 1531 (26th year of the reign of Joseon King Jungjong), also states, "Usando and Ulleungdo are in the middle of the sea directly to the east of Uljin-hyeon," in the Uljing-hyeon of Gangwon-do section to confirm the texts of Sejong Sillok Jiriji. In the Joseon Dynasty, Dokdo was called Sambongdo, Usando, or Gajido. The map of Korean Empire in Vol. 1, which was used to educate secondary school students in modern schools in 1899 (3rd year of the reign of Joseon King Gojong), marked Dokdo as Usan next to Ulleungdo. King Gojong announced Ordinance No. 41 in 1900 to have Ulleungdo, instead of Uljin-hyeon of Gangwon-do, administer Dokdo.

The name Dokdo was first used in 1906 by Governor Heung Taek Shim of Ulleung. Dokdo was attached to Gyeongsangbuk-do in 1914 and has been a part of Gyeongsangbuk-do ever since. Although Dokdo is written as '獨島' in Chinese letters, it does not mean 'lonely island.' The early settlers from Jeolla-do pronounced Dolseom as Dokseom.

Dokseom was later converted to '獨島' in Chinese writing. Seokdo is pronounced as Dokseom or Dolseom when translated into Korean. Even today, the people of Ulleungdo call Dokdo as Dokseom or Dolseom

In Japan, Dokdo was called Matsushima in the Meiji Administration. Since Japan plundered Korea in 1905, Dokdo has been called Dakeshima. The West named Dokdo after the ship that first found it. In 1849, a French whaling boat called Liancourt discovered Dokdo and named it Liancourt Rocks. In 1885, English Hornet registered it as 'Hornet Rocks.'


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